For the World… or whoever reads…

OK so I’ve decided my website is bugging me, because I can’t really WRITE there, so I’ve set up a site here for my friends who are not really into facebook (which I love) and cannot/don’t want to post at…

AND this is for Fitzroy, who last night said “If you would really be actually in the moment, and write it down, maybe you could forge a future for my son & daughter” (or something along those lines). Needless to say, it was … motivating.

Sooooo I’ve put together a WordPress account. It will hopefully feed into with a post once a week, so in this way, everyone wins!! (and I get to write big long epic posts and not feel like they’re not ever going to be read…)


Thanks everyone – hold on tight, it’s going to be an interesting journey!!!
Tanya Riches.

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