Article in Vantage Point…

Ok so I was a bit surprised (being an absolute understatement) that my article was made the lead article of Vantagepoint magazine, Singapore…

You can read it here:

I think it’s the artwork that makes me a little uneasy… is the church going to fall off the Mount of the Lord?? … but the more I look at it the less worried I am… I think because if you know me, you know that I LOVE church. In fact, the running joke in my little group of friends is that I AM the ‘churchie’, the one that is the most likely to sneak off on a  holiday to attend church. I attend church on the Amalfi Church. I attend church in Vanuatu. I have made my husband put the alarm on for an insane hour almost every Sunday of our marriage.

I currently attend Hillsong Church, Sydney, and I have been really enjoying it. There are things that make it irresistable… the people, who I love so much I could just burst. Their commitment to the vision. I even like Brian and Bobbie Houston, and the leaders who lay their lives down to effectively minister to hundreds of people… I admire that! I love them!!!

The problem is that I am finding it hard to bring my unsaved friends into the institutional church. I LOVE it – I love the swaying, the endless clapping, the listening, the hand-raising… but my creative demographic of smart, Sydney academics and professionals in the inner West and City are struggling. Many of them articulate the lack of diversity, some complain about the three point sermons, some are confused about the distinctions between truth-oriented churches and experiential churches… some can’t actually listen for forty minutes to ANYTHING without an ad-break.

And I want them to be sitting in heaven with me (at this point many of them think potentially I will be the only one to enjoy heaven, if it is endless worship music).

So I hope that you (and everybody else) can read this article from where it was written – from someone who has devoted her life to church, encouraging churchies like me to listen to those who are OUTSIDE the walls and the very demographic that Jesus came to seek and save.


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