Clean House

So in my perusal of intelligent, well- planned decision making, I remembered a book given to  me by my father (am I supposed to use a capital there, or does that mean God?!?…). Entitled  Before You Do: Making Great Decisions That You Won’t Regret by T.D. Jakes.

T.D. Jakes is famously loved by Pentecostals, and is an absolutely brilliant speaker.  So I was looking for some heart-wrenching, honest spiritual guidance in decision making. Jakes is also a killer business man, I found out, with multiple spin-off enterprises from his core role as a Senior Pastor. Whether or not that’s a good idea I didn’t worry about… (see Ps 131 if this makes you mad).

This book itself is a good read if you’re about to get married, I think that’s what it was ultimately  intended for, and there are some great points in amongst the generic Christian literature (is it just me? I find this genre SO hard to read). But, what caught my attention most was Jakes’ seeming obsession with a show on the Style Network, entitled “Clean House”. His  obsession was evidently fueled by an extroverted flower-wearing black woman, Niecy Nash (see left!!).

Now I understand obsessions. And there are plenty  that I brandish around – but for a guy like T.D. Jakes to have a show called “Clean House” in the blank space after ‘Favourite TV Shows’, was  a bit of a stretch of the imagination for me… it made me laugh. And I like things that made me laugh… I pursue them. So I spent a weekend checking out the videos provided on the style network (let’s not tell my father this is what I did with the book).

And now I think I get the whole obsession thing… So, here it is:


For those who have never seen the show, it is built on a premise that a certain type of person needs help (they call in). These people are ordinary Americans, who have found themselves in a predicament. Excuse my french, they are inundated with crap. They have floor to ceiling ‘clutter’… but really, , they have kept a lot of crap. It could be super expensive, or just your normal everyday McDonalds toy crap. Normally this happens when a mother or father has died, and an adult is forced to move a deceased estate into their already furnished house. Because they are coping with grief, it’s difficult for them to make the necessary trips to the rubbish tip (or use ebay) and thus things literally stack on top of each other. And rather than asserting their removal powers, the person’s partner normally compounds the issue with hoarding in retaliation – which you probably predict is a response that would create issues.

As far as shows go, it’s cathartic to watch people deal with their emotional baggage… makes a little light of your own, right?!… And when people would rather put in another door into their house than sort through their electrical appliances, it can even be funny.

Anyways so T.D. Jakes makes the point that we gather emotional baggage and stack it in our emotional houses, and in order to be all God has for us, we have to Clean House. *boom tish*…

But really, it’s a good point hey!?! … I was forced to face my emotions at the Apple Store today, with a disbelief they could actually help me. This is because in two other instances my computer has completely died… but this time the hard-drive is showing my files, so I could get them off

… so I realised I have an emotional dining setting I can now move out into the “yard sale”…

Seriously. if you think about your thoughts as furniture, they are so much easier to move around!!!! Try it!!

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