Jesus What A Beautiful Name and 10,000 reasons to be grateful…

Today my husband informed me that his video of “Jesus What a Beautiful Name’ hit 10,000 views. It is a revised version of the worship song – posted last year but recorded in May 2009 – and it has 10,183 views, to be exact. We have no idea who has watched this clip (with the exception of one… Tim SO embarrassingly emailed Brian Houston on my behalf, who replied to say he liked it very much… so that’s 1 view accounted for!) But when I think of the various individuals, it’s an amazing amount of people.

Just in case you’re wondering, pretty much nothing happens when you hit 10,000 views – so Tim decided that this was something worth celebrating!!! We ate an afternoon veggie burger together in honour of the thousands of people all over the world who have watched this clip and praised God along with us. According to his statistics, the top viewing country is the U.S.A., so we probably should have eaten barbeque ribs or something but it didn’t cross our mind until afterwards.

Thinking about the people who have sung ‘Jesus What a Beautiful Name’ (or JWABN as we call it, such a long title!!!!) in the fourteen years since I wrote it, makes me a little dizzy and I get  overwhelmed… so I hardly ever talk about it. I hope you don’t mind my one post.

Songwriter Russell Fragar advised me that songs grow up and leave home, but then send post-cards back to you from places around the world. And I do get lovely ‘postcards’ of where this song has been… For example, the woman processing my study visa thanked me on the bottom of her email last week for giving their church words to express love to Jesus. And an academic at the University I’ve just become a short-term research consultant for perched on the end of my workspace to let me know he loves my music. He insisted on buying a copy of my new album as SOON as it’s out… and then times I’ve been stopped in random shops by people to explain their own stories of courage, with children hanging off their legs as they make their way to doctors appointments and battle through the challenges of life… All of these interactions make me SO grateful that I can contribute in some small way to the world, and to people’s faith journey.

But then, and this is so much more usual, there have been the invisible days and months, and even years – strings of days when I’ve considered moving to the moon – trying to pursue God’s call but feeling a million miles away from success, or effectiveness. When Tim and I wrote the new bridge to JWABN, we were on a train somewhere between Strasbourg and Milan, feeling helpless after witnessing the startling poverty of an Islamic refugee community on the edge of the town. We sat down with Irene, our beautiful missionary friend, peppering her with so many questions – and as the picture unfolded, we understood the enormity of her task as the only aid worker in this community – making us so immensely grateful. Grateful for our families, for our city and that the gospel had tangibly reached us on the other side of the world. And all I could sing was ‘You loved me before I knew You’…. the notes ringing out into the darkness, with no echo audible to us in that train carriage as it sped across Europe.

Anyways, if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re welcome to join the stadium of people who have viewed our clip (or one person who has viewed it 27 times a day all year – we’re not sure which – if you ever meet someone glued to this youtube clip, please say hello from me!!!)

Here is the link that hit the big 10,000:

And we’re videoing some new clips on Thursday (I’m seriously glad I’m not a rock star, we have furniture ALL over Sydney right now and if I ever did have cool clothes, goodness knows where they are – so I’ll have to be myself, which is probably a better idea!!!!). Anyways here’s the link to my youtube, which doesn’t have 10,000 of anything – but you can subscribe to hear our new songs and recordings…. …..

And may God Bless you, and illuminate your place in His mission – wherever you are!!!

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