Right now, we have all of our belongings in storage in three locations across Sydney, and we are somewhat… Nomadic.

I feel encouraged that we have not invented the idea – plenty of people have been nomadic international travellers before us. In the Bible, the first books are full of people who have lived in tents – and some of my favourite people definitely thought nothing of living this way: Abraham and Sarah, Deborah, Miriam and Paul.

I’m not sure if Jesus got to Glastonbury as some people suggest (for information, either google this or go to this town, where the people swear black and blue that Jesus did in fact make it to England. Normally I would say where there is smoke there is fire, however it seems unlikely that Jesus managed to walk all the way to England from Israel). But the point is that Jesus spent a lot of time living nomadic-ally.

So did Francis of Assisi, and many of the monks. Marco Polo did too. David Livingstone was nomadic, admittedly living on a steamboat, but still in transit.

I feel encouraged at the type of callibre of people who have lived this way. I’m not sure if they paid for storage or not, but either way it’s a good thought, given that I can’t find my moisturizer, or hairbrush.I’m sure John the Baptist didn’t worry about things like that – no!! He was a true radical nomad.

Let’s hear it for the nomads!!!!

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