Can You Do Something Cool By Buying A Teeshirt?

Okay… so here’s a practical post… I’ve been half-writing intelligent academic and poignant ones, but with everything going on I haven’t been able to get them into a form that actually makes sense – you can thank me for not clogging your email box…

Anyways, I rarely do this kind of thing, but I think this is cool…

The company designs a new teeshirt every week, putting aside a portion of each sale for a not-for-profit. I guess it’s stylizing yourself towards a better world 😉 … anyways, $7 of this week’s teeshirt goes to an Australian not-for-profit, HOPE: Global.

You might know the names Pastor Mark and Darlene Zschech. If not, Darlene is probably the most famous Australian worship singer and songwriter, author of ‘Shout to the Lord’… and also my worship pastor for a large amount of my lifetime. Anyway, they set up HOPE: Global a number of years ago, and I’ve enjoyed watching it grow into a significant organisation. When it began, it was called HOPE Rwanda, and set up to help with the rebuilding of this nation, after some of the Australian Hillsong pastors visited on the 10th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, and felt moved to help in response to the spoken belief that the world had forgotten them. We know all about the world forgetting us, I can’t tell you how many books describe in detail how there are five continents in the world and a great big wet Oceania 😉 … Below is a a great radio podcast with Pastor Darlene Zschech, and you can listen about their journey setting up this not-for-profit:

During the interview, to explain where the name HOPE: Global came from, Darlene says,

“man can live days without food.. and less days without water, but no time without hope… the dictionary says that it’s kind of believing in a positive outcome, but the Bible says that this hope is an anchor for the soul.”

Basically, I’m not really a shopper. I try – I walk around the crazily enormous malls here in Orange County and my head boggles. So, I’m all for the idea of buying a teeshirt with a cute owl online (no crowds, no fuss) and knowing that it’s going to help a not for profit work amongst AIDS victims. Anyways, there’s six (?) days left to buy your very own HOPE: Global teeshirt, and build into Rwanda, but also a great Australian not-for-profit.

Check out asap to be a part of Week 63!!!

One thought on “Can You Do Something Cool By Buying A Teeshirt?

  1. Seems like a great company / cause! I also found another fashion company doing something similar call Cogo ( ). But they are much smaller (started by a some kid in college) and focus on local community projects. But I figured I’d share. I have a sevenly shirt and it’s great but I also just ordered one from Cogo.

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