3 thoughts on “Why we’re struggling making Australia Day = Day of the Land [or, We Need More Corroborees]

  1. Hi Tanya, thanks so much for your thoughtful blog post which summarises your research thus far, I take it? I’m keen to read two of the books your mentioned by Peggy Brock, namely ‘Outback Ghettos: Aborigines, Institutionalisation, and Survival’ and ‘Indigenous Peoples and Religious Change’. Thanks for the reference!

    1. Thanks for your comment!

      Yes, this section addresses the missiological portion of what I’ve done so far (I did one year of Advanced Missiology) and brings up an issue from my study that is pertinent to Australian culture currently. 🙂

      But I am sitting now more in development studies than missiology. I’ll be looking at whether participation in Aboriginal-led or churches with Aboriginal self-determination increases well-being (or gives certain capabilities, I’m still hashing out my methodology). I’m sure it does assist members as a voluntary group, in “survival” similar to how Peggy Brock believes people used the missions. But of course, I could be wrong :}

      I think these two books are excellent and worth reading. There is some great information in there but Brock also does not gloss over difficult historical realities, which I appreciate.

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