The Big Smoke Feminist

Ahhh… WordPress friends. Sorry for my silence over the past weeks. Life. And stuff.

I’m thinking I might just post up some of the things I’ve been doing. For example, after some long conversations I wrote an article for The Big Smoke, Sydney’s newest online media site, that answers the question ‘Can you be a Feminist and Attend Hillsong Church?”

I tend to think yes, and I’m looking forward to getting my BRAVE on next week at Colour Your World. Of course, most Evangelical Christians would rather pierce their own tongue than be called a feminist, but still – the response has still been pretty encouraging. You can find my article here.


I’d love for you to read it, and hear your comments – here – or even better, over on The Big Smoke.

And, because I’m having a small competition with author Tanya Levin who released her article within 2 hours of mine, please share it via all social media sites listed. Of course, if I think about it, she’s really already won, as she has a best-selling published book. But her article on the recently sentenced killer of Daniel Morcombe is a tear jerker. And positively pastoral, which shows her social worker self in action. So share that too. Which of course defeats the purpose of a competition, but does make us more esteemed with our colleagues.

A million thank yous for your support, and all your (truthful and feigned) interest in my writing!


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