8 thoughts on “To the indigenous teen that stole my phone last night

  1. God is smiling. He sent a challenge to you and to that little boy. You responded, Tanya, with grandiose love and turned this into a divine blessing. A golden thread of connection is now weaving its way through two lives. What an encouragement.

  2. Tanya, an amazing insight.

    We felt very much the same the other week, when my wife was out at a meeting organising the next term of our ‘Lightforce’ progam, to provide hope to the indigenous youth of Alice Springs, while one of those indigenous youth was inside our house going through our stuff, trying to decide what to steal.

    It is so easy for us to fall back to the ‘why bother, things will never change’ mindset, but that would belie the very faith that we profess, and the hope that we can bring to these very young people.

    I pray, with you, that the blessing of God would fall upon that young man who stole your phone, and as only God can do, even this act of theft against you will be taken and turned into an act of grace and victory. And I pray His blessing would also fall on you, and that he would honour you for the grace you have shown too!

    You’re a legend!!


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