The Hillsong United Girls always had it goin’ on…

I often prayed for the girls of Hillsong United (which meant Hills Christian Life Centre Powerhouse and Wildlife youth bands back in the day) because I was one of the older singers. I was thirteen when I started singing in youth, scouted by our irrepressible youth vocal leader Marian King. There was initially a small group of us, but it quickly grew. Most of the new recruits were younger than me, and so I did a lot of the auditions. They weren’t rock stars, far from it. They were ordinary boys and girls, and they’d come to band practice in school uniform. They had everyday lives, hopes, and great potential. Most of them lived in Sydney’s Hills District, and their dream was about as big as performing at youth. We had so many kids coming and so many events running, someone needed to help administrate things. Our worship pastor Darlene invited me to help in the office, and I started by taking over youth choir duties from a friend. I ultimately gave up my BA Honours at The University of Sydney to administrate the band, because I believed in it. But it was entirely worth it. I think I recorded 80 hours of work a week in the 2002 census, all completely unpaid. Our administration and leadership team built into United for six years before we handed it on to Joel Houston. In that time we had gone from short-run EP to gold album, and Joel had transformed from good bass player into songwriting legend and marketing genius. Although I might have answered the phones a lot of the time, it wasn’t just me, it was all of us together. Sometimes I was too tired to think, let alone sing. But that was fine, because there were a lot of amazing girls that have sung with the Hillsong United band over the years, including Michelle Fragar, Holly Dawson, Bec Mesiti, Katrina Peoples, Mia Fieldes, Anneke Knock, Brooke Fraser, Laura Houston. Any Hillsong United girl that picks up the microphone gains a heritage. It’s no accident Taya Smith’s amazing vocal on Oceans touched so many hearts, and that this beautiful song is literally scooping the awards pool clean dry. It makes me entirely happy. Jesus loves girls x


3 thoughts on “The Hillsong United Girls always had it goin’ on…

  1. Hey Tanya, such a good article.. I remember fondly of being lead in choir by you. I remember the very first United night! Such wonderful memories.. I often wonder what my life would be like had i not moved to brissie and stayed in Sydney.. God had other plans! Im honored to have served with you..

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