Is Australia’s “Close The Gap” Initiative a Failure?

OK, so I’m still figuring out how to respond to various queries that have come up on other sites. I don’t intend to forget about that, it’s important to me. But, in the meantime I forgot to let you know about a piece that was recently published on The Big Smoke … pretty darn significant actually. Both to me personally, but also my research.

There are many different Indigenous nations in Australia, and you can see and hear a little of their voices here in this Oxfam video:

It’s important to me that we amplify these voices. But my article below speaks to the non-Indigenous part of the Close The Gap research. So, why did I write this article?

Because justice is important to me.

And my personal understanding of justice is formed from the biblical text. From the very first book, to the last, God is concerned with justice. It says directly in Genesis 4:10 that the Lord hears the blood of Abel crying out from the ground.

Australia has a sordid and tragic past.

And The Bible suggests we can’t hide our sin from God. So why do we forget this in so many Australian churches? The very word “exclusion” illustrates Australia’s intentional and unintentional sins against its Indigenous peoples.

I would love you to share the article. To do so, just click the image and either take the URL or share it directly from the page. (It wasn’t me who picked the picture of the Minister for Indigenous Affairs but that’s funny).

Why? Because I think we need to recognize that the Close The Gap statistics do not measure how well Indigenous people are looking after themselves. They measure how much non-Indigenous people care.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 6.19.03 PM

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